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BSR includes online quantitative research in its activity – especially in the case of integrated quali-quantitative projects. A qualitative phase often prepares the quantitative one, which is conducted exploiting all time and cost advantages attainable on the Web. The questionnaire language is conceived to work on the web (and tends to differ from the language used in traditional research methods).

Support Group


With reference to the discourse of brands, focus groups are one of the best tools to understand consumers’ point of view. A qualitative fieldwork by means of focus groups is often necessary to check communication issues – how ads are received by their audiences. Groups are interesting as they can reveal how brand stories circulate and tend to be discussed in a social context.

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In this technology respondents can log on when they want over a set period of days or weeks. Participants type in their feedback on the research issues asynchronously, so they have time to think about what other respondents say. The method ensures a wide geographical reach and more in-depth transcripts than any other online qualitative approach.

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With the tools for monitoring that are available today, the web should be seen as an immense focus group. And the most interesting fact is, on the web conversations about brands are not planned nor moderated – they occur spontaneously. We help companies listen to what web audiences say about their brands in blogs, communities, and social media, in order to discover all their potential strengths and/or unexpected weaknesses.

Informative Interview


Traditional face-to-face interviews are still very effective when research topics have to be probed in more detail and at a deeper level. They are also particularly appropriate when respondents are asked questions they would not feel comfortable to answer openly in a group.

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Mystery Shopping provides you with the tool to measure the effectiveness of the services you provide, your promotional activities and how your employees carry these out. We would be happy if you use this really innovative service to solve the mystery while at the same time you can monitor, improve and maintain your company’s service quality with the help of Blue Sea Research.

Virtual Team Meeting


These focus groups are video-based and combine the convenience of the web with the advantages of live interactive discussions. The system can simultaneously connect up to 8 respondents, who may participate from different cities/regions. The client can observe the groups and give feedback to the moderator separately from the group discussion. Full recording is immediately available at the end of the sessions.

Online Learning


The continuous development of new technologies is changing the whole research landscape, providing extraordinary opportunities to better understand rapidly evolving consumers and citizens.

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Our CATI team works closely with clients to understand the needs and accordingly the project is designed and executed. We have a team of professionally trained and experienced CATI interviewers with a multilingual capability and our strong quality control team which analyses every interview so that the client gets the highest quality deliverables. We have executed numerous projects which were difficult to reach audiences like C-level executives, Decision makers and Healthcare specialists Globally.


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