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Blue Sea Research

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Blue Sea Research is a full market research agency that understands how market research can provide quality data and design strategies to build opportunities and add value to brands. BSR provides its services base on Qualitative, Quantitative and online Research continuing B2B, Consumer, Healthcare and Business/IT panels across AMERICAS, APAC and EMEA.

We’ve established a professional team who:

  • Does have solid understanding of Geo.

  • Strong Research Skills.

  • Gives a fast and flexible approach to quoting.

  • Ability to deliver on time.

  • Provides responsive client service with Dispo reports, updates, soft launching and after-hours service.

  • Are specialists in recruiting, moderating, depth interviewing (TDIs or IDIs), CATI interviewing etc. Each needs a different skill set from depth interviewers/moderators to CATI interviewers or consumer or client are experienced and well-trained market researchers with strict quality control.

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